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Nextsand Automatic Back Washing Filter

How Does an Automatic Nextsand Backwashing Water Filter Work?

A backwashable filter or media filter for removing sediment from your water, uses a tank that’s filled with NextSand media. These filter to 5 microns and are perfect for a surface water source like lake, stream and will work on well water. These are a lower maintenance and in the long run a lower cost, long term alternative to cartridge type filters that need to be replaced up to several times a year. These NextSand automatic backwashing filters can go up to 20 years without maintenance.

Untreated water flows into the tank through the control valve and passes through the NextSand media, which traps sediment removing it from your water. then sediment free water flows into and through your home for your family. After a pre-programmed period of time, usually about 5 days, the automatic backwash cycle begins and lasts for about 6 to 15 minutes. Water is forced down through a tube in the middle of the tank and then upwards through the filter bed, causing the NextSand media to expand, and as it does, water flushes the sediment that has been filtered out of the water to the drain. At the end of the backwash cycle, the valve changes the direction of flow through the filter and water flows quickly downward to rinse and settle the NextSand media so that it’s ready to go back into service to remove the sediment from your family’s water.

No chemicals to add or replenish and very long media life.