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How to Remove Chloramines from Family’s Water

We all know chlorine is used for swimming pools, hot tubs, and bleach in your home.

Lately we’ve been hearing more about something called chloramine which sounds similar but is different. Chloramines are a combination of ammonia with chlorine. Unlike chlorine which dissipates fairly quickly when exposed to air, chloramines remain in the water. Both Chlorine and Chloramines can be added to your families drinking water by municipalities to make city water safe to drink by killing the bacteria. They both work well at killing water borne bacteria in your families drinking water. But if you think drinking and bathing in disinfectants is a bad idea for your family, you are correct!

I highly recommend you read this report by Citizens Concerned about Chloramines

Do You Have Chlorine or Chloramine in Your Water? The best way to determine what’s in your municipal tap water is to call your water company and ask what they use to treat the municipal water supply. By law, they must make the composition of your water available to you. If they add ammonia, you have chloramines.

Both Chlorine and Chloramines can be removed from your drinking water, although chlorine is much easier to remove. The most common way to remove chlorine is to use a carbon-based water filter where your water enters your home. You can use a cartridge filter or Automatic back washable filters. Cartridge filters have the advantage of a lower initial cost, but require you to change them periodically as well as having the on going cost and maintenance of the replacement filters. Back washable carbon filters are more expensive up front, but filter chlorine more thoroughly and don’t require filters changes every 6 months for most families. Since Chloramine is more difficult to remove than chlorine, there are fewer options. Cartridge based systems exist, but the cartridges operate on a very meagre flow rate, are ridiculously expensive, and the lifespan is very short. A Whole House Automatic Backwashing filter with Centaur carbon is the best solution. These are highly effective at removing chloramine from your families water and do a great job for residential applications.

If you just want to remove chloramines from your families drinking water, we have a special reverse osmosis system to not only remove chloramine but thousands of other water contaminants too for your family