Viqua 5 Micron pre filter CMB-510-HF
Viqua 5 Micron pre filter CMB-510-HF

Viqua 5 Micron Pre Sediment Filter CMB-510-HF for IHS12-D4

  • High performance sediment, dirt and rust filter cartridge
  • 18 gpm flow rate
  • Manufactured from 100% melt blown polypropylene
  • Extremely rigid structure eliminates by-pass
  • Provides superior filtration efficiency and extended life
  • Grooved design provides increased surface area for improved filtering efficiency
  • Pre Filter for Viqua VH200-F10
  • Pre Filter for Viqua IHS12-D4

Product Code: SMF CMB-510-HF

Download Instruction Sheet here

Download Instruction Sheet here (French)

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