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Water Store Midland was founded by Gary Beutler (Gary the Water Guy) in January 2003, it was originally called The Water Store Midland, but the name was shortened in 2019. Gary and the Water Store Midland team love the water treatment industry and want to help families through out cottage country North of Toronto who have concerns about their family’s home and cottage water.

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Our very own
Gary the water guy

In an industry full of “sales people” we have Gary. With over 20 years of experience in water system installation, Gary is a normal guy with a passion for understanding how the equipment he sells can benefit and work for families in need. Gary is a Certified Water Specialist (CWS) and Certified Installer (CI) from the Water Quality Association. Gary and his team strive to make sure all of the clients served at Water Store Midland have the knowledge they need, and a clear understanding that whatever they recommend to their family is thought out with their families best interests in mind.

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Sheryl - Vice President, Customer Care Water Store Midland


Vice President, Customer Care
Gary President Water Store Midland


Manager Customer Care Water Store Midland


Manager, Customer Care




Customer Care
Mathew Water Filtration Specialist Water Store Midland


Water Filtration Technician
Ana - Customer Service Water Store Midland


Customer Care


Customer Care

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