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Water quality is vitally important to the health of you, your family and your home. That’s why we are happy to offer a FREE In-Home Analysis of your water do a plumbing assessment and then make a recommendation based on your concerns and the analysis. Do you want to get started with your FREE In-Home Water Test? Fill out this form and our Certified Water Specialist will be in touch to schedule your appointment. 


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We’ll evaluate test results on the spot and review recommendations.


Receive a written Investment Summary to complete the installation and discuss monthly Investment options.

The analysis will show us basics like how hard the water is, how much mineral content from iron, manganese and other minerals as well as information about hydrogen sulphide content.  We’ll include a Total Dissolved Solids test and bacteria test results will be considered if we’re dealing with well or surface water. If the water is discoloured we’ll also test the water for tannins.

When you reach out to schedule your FREE In-Home Water Test we arrange a convenient time to have one of our Water Technicians come to your home to evaluate your water problem. First we discuss the water concern you are experiencing. Next, we test your water on the spot and explain the test results to you. Then we review the equipment which would be required to correct the problem, if any, and review the best installation location to ensure there is adequate hydro, drainage and plumbing available to do the job.

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