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HUM Water Filtration

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Whenever our customers identify the need for a water treatment product, we look for the best product to fill that need. Because we’ve had a retail store since 2003, we are in consumers’ homes every day testing water, installing and servicing their water treatment needs so we can understand what works. This experience allows us to know which brands provide the quality products and support for our customers. We only choose the best of the best to become HUM  Water Filtration product manufacturers.





Think of HUM Water Filtration like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. HUM Water Filtration products offer that “just right” mix of great quality, ease of installation & use, product support and service. Make no mistake about it, these are definitely not the most expensive water filtration products, they offer no bells, no whistles just great performance day after day, year after year. HUM Water Filtration products will give your family the biggest and best “bang for the buck”. HUM Water Filtration is our own private label brand. Although we’ve access to over 20,000 water filtration products there are only a select group that are good enough to be chosen by me, Gary the Water Guy to join our HUM Water Filtration brand because these products give great performance, last a long time and are available at a very reasonable cost to purchase and operate.

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We want everyone to understand and enjoy their experience when using HUM products. We offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

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With access to over 20,000 water treatment products combined with extensive research, testing and support we have selected only the best for your family to become HuM Watercare products