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Everyone knows that to protect your investment in your car you need to keep it maintained and in excellent repair. Well the same is true for your water treatment equipment. Whether you are looking to maintain, improve or have your current water treatment equipment repaired give your nearest Water Stores Group a call.

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Filter Maintenance

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Water/Chemistry Analysis

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Annual Replacement

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Installation and Repairs

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UV Bulb Replacement

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Annual reminder
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Regular maintenance of your water filters and systems is essential to maintaining the quality of your in home water. With our Annual Reminder Program, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that our experts will reach out when it’s time to update your filter. Fill out this form with the make and model number of the equipment that requires maintenance as well as the frequency of the maintenance required. It’s that easy!

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Customers can fill their water jugs with our pure bacteria free reverse-osmosis water. Buing in bulk gives you a discounted rate and also eliminates your plastic waste. Water purchases can be made on a per litre basis or with our prepaid system.

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