Does Your Water Taste Terrible?

Everyone knows we should all be drinking more water, but encouraging your family to drink more water that tastes like bleach or other chemicals is futile and who can blame them. The chlorine, and in some municipalities ammonia, that’s added to make municipal water bacteria free is definitely not something anyone should be drinking, although these chemicals do a great job of delivering bacteria free water for your family.

Chlorine can be toxic not only for microorganisms, but for humans as well. To humans, chlorine is an irritant to the eyes, nasal passages and respiratory system. In drinking water, the concentration of chlorine is usually very low and is thus not a concern in acute exposure. More of a concern is the long term risk of cancer due to chronic exposure to chlorinated water. This is mainly due to the trihalomethanes and other disinfection by-products of chlorination. Trihalomethanes are carcinogens, and have been the topic of concern in chlorinated drinking water.  Chlorinated water has been associated with increased risk of bladder, colon and rectal cancer. Although there are concerns about carcinogens in drinking water, Health Canada’s Laboratory Centre for Disease Control says that the benefits of chlorinated water in controlling infectious diseases outweigh the risks associated with chlorination and would not be enough to justify its discontinuation. In Europe, however, chorination has been discontinued in many communities.

So it’s a great way to disinfect our water until it reaches our homes, but we just shouldn’t drink or bathe in it! We offer many solutions to removing chlorine from all of you household water or just your drinking water!

We have hundreds of YouTube videos in our Video FAQ section to help answer questions you might have about removing chemicals like chlorine using back washing filters for the whole house or Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water systems for just the drinking water. Please contact us at 705 527-5900 to arrange a FREE in home or cottage water analysis so we can listen to your concerns, test your water, do a plumbing assessment and give you an on the spot assessment of what needs to be done to get rid of the chemicals and make your water great for your family!

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