Is Your Home or Cottage Water Safe to Drink and Bacteria Free?

If a municipality is supplying water to your home or cottage they will make sure your water is bacteria free. If your water source is a well, stream, lake or other surface water source no one is making sure that your water is safe for your family unless you do. Becoming sick from water borne bacteria is especially important to high risk groups like young children and the elderly because their immune systems are weaker than for healthy adults. If you want to know for sure if your water is safe to drink you can take a sample to your local health unit for testing, but remember, just because it tests safe today doesn’t necessarily ensure it will be bacteria free tomorrow.

Water can be disinfected at the water source in your home so all of your water can be treated or if you prefer, you can just disinfect the water at one point of use faucet. Ultraviolet disinfection or UV is the preferred method of disinfecting your water because there are no chemicals added and as a result, there is no change in the water’s properties or taste.

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