Is your Water Brown at Your Home or Cottage?

Few things are more embarrassing at home or at the cottage than having brown water. If you have visitors on the weekend, you can bet that will definitely be a hot topic for the weekend, either in front of you or behind your back. Did someone forget to flush the toilet? No, it’s just our water. When you fill a bathtub with this brown water, the deeper the water gets, the browner it gets too! Young children won’t want to bathe in it likely either will you. The staining will be significant especially if you have white tiles, grout or bathroom fixtures. Doing laundry will be extremely difficult, unless all of your clothes are brown but don’t even think of washing white clothes with your water.

What causes this brown water? It could be iron, tannins or even a very fine sediment in the water.

We have hundreds of YouTube videos in our Video FAQ section to help answer questions you might have about iron and tannin filters or water treatment in general. Please contact us at 705 527-5900 to arrange a FREE in home or cottage water analysis so we can listen to your concerns, test your water, do a plumbing assessment and give you an on the spot assessment of what needs to be done to get rid of the cause of this brown water and make your water great for your family!

Typically, we help families anywhere within about an hour and a half from Midland but no matter where you’re located, contact us and we’ll find a solution for you!