Is Your Water Staining Your Home or Cottage?

Staining from water is the number one reason families contact us for a solution. Typically, you’ll see crusty stains around faucets, shower heads and spots on glasses and if you have glass shower doors the staining will make a huge mess that is very difficult to clean up. We love to help families that have concerns about the staining caused by their water, because in doing so, we make your home much easier to keep clean and more efficient for your family, which will save you money. If the staining is an off-white color, that is a result of hard water and a water softener is what you need. If the staining is a rusty color it may be caused by tannins, iron or a combination of hardness, tannins and iron.

We have hundreds of YouTube videos in our Video FAQ section to help answer questions you might have about water softeners or water treatment in general. Please contact us at 705 527-5900 to arrange a FREE in home or cottage water analysis so we can listen to your concerns, test your water, do a plumbing assessment and give you an on the spot assessment of what needs to be done to make your water great for your family!

Typically we help families anywhere within about an hour and a half from Midland but no matter where you’re located, contact us and we’ll find a solution for you!