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Free In-home Water Analysis – Your First Step in fixing Your Terrible Water!

Testing Your Water is only part of the process.

I am often asked by customers “How do I fix this terrible water of mine?


The first step is always our FREE In-home Water Analysis which consists of:


1)         Setting up a convenient time for one of us to meet with you at your home.   Yes, we work evenings and weekends as well as week days to make sure we can meet with you when you are available.


2)         After arriving at your home the next step is for you and your spouse to answer some questions about what concerns you about your water and to show us any staining or discolouration caused by your water.


3)         Next, we test your water to equate how your water chemistry is affecting the problems you are experiencing with your water.


4)         The plumbing system in your house is reviewed and potential installation locations are discussed as well as bypassing outside taps, flow and well recovery rates etc to make sure any equipment suggested is compatible with your houses plumbing and your families water usage patterns.


5)         After considering all of the above we make a recommendation for equipment to best solve your water problem and discuss its on going maintenance.   At this point we also talk about where the equipment is made and many of the features, benefits and efficiencies provided by the equipment.


6)         We provide a written price quote and discuss product warranties etc giving you plenty of time to ask questions about the process and the equipment.


The rest is up to you!   As I mentioned this is a FREE process with no obligation on your part whatsoever.   So give us a call and arrange your FREE In-home Water Analysis Today!

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