Flo by Moen with Box
Flo by Moen with Box
How Flo by Moen works
How to Install Flo by Moen

Flo by Moen Water Leak Detection -Smart Home Monitoring

Flo by Moen is your industry leading Smart Home Water Security and Monitoring system.  Not only does it detects leaks, it notifies you so you can shut off your water remotely from anywhere to prevent water damage.  Flo includes a full suite of products that work together to protect your home, cottage or cabin from water damage and leaks 24/7.  This system also gives you much more information about water usage in your home!

✔️IMAGINE COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND in your Home, Cottage or Rental Property from water leak damage.

✔️FLO BY MOEN IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE LEAK DETECTION and water monitoring system available today

✔️ENJOY EASY MONITORING ON ONE APP for all of your properties.

✔️100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 1 year warranty

✔️COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND KNOWING THAT ALL OF YOUR PROPERTIES are protected and monitored from your smart phone.


✔️EASY INSTALLATION either DIY or your plumber.

You’ll need an accessible main water supply line with roughly 6 inches of pipe space for Flo by Moen. Compatible with water supply lines measuring 1” inch in diameter or less. The device comes with ¾” FNPT Fittings and will work with copper or pex plumbing.  A Wifi network and connection is required. A standard 110 v. power outlet is required.  you will need to download the Flo app for your Android or IPhone

Product Code: PRT 900-0001

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