Glacier Hot and Cold Water Cooler

Glacier Hot and Cold Water Cooler

Glacier Hot and Cold water coolers have two faucets, one dispensing cold water, while the other dispenses hot water.  Perfect for making coffee or tea.  These water coolers are proven to be reliable and provide a very long service life.  Great way to save your family money.  The rounded cabinet and fluted front design makes them compatible with almost any decor. The polyethylene cabinet’s smooth finish is easily cleaned to keep them looking like new. This commercial grade cooler will deliver years of trouble free optimum performance.

Touch Guard handle keeps the little ones from getting burned by the hot water.  These coolers feature a removable drip tray so they can be easily washed and put back into place.

The hot can be shut off, when not being used.  This feature will cut energy costs.

These Glacier Hot and Cold Coolers feature a double mechanical float system where the second float acts as a safety.  They include a built in 5 micron air filter to keep you water fresher longer for your family.  The FDA approved, self-closing Tomlinson faucets will keep giving you reliable and trouble free service.  Resulting in more savings for your family.


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