HuM Safe Water 6
HuM Safe Water 6
How does a UV System Work?

HuM Safe Water 6 gpm Minirack UV System

This 6 Gallon per Minute UV Dynamics Minirack Ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection and water filter system combines two economical 10″ standard water filter housings and an ultraviolet water disinfection cylinder into one simple, clean looking and integrated system which makes it perfect for the small home or cottage.  Inlet and outlet are 3/4″ threaded connections.

  • High quality Made in Canada product
  • Non proprietary replacement lamp and filters
  • Reversible design for quick and easy installation
  • Bottom mounted drain plug for easy draining for cottages
  • Heavy gauge commercial steel manifold for long life
  • Wall mountable for easy DIY installation
  • Consumes only 31 watts of power
  • Compact 18″ long x 23″ wide x 8″ deep size – will fit anywhere

Product UVS HuM MR180E-TP2S/110

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