UV Dynamics 8.40 UV Lamp #400152 Free Shipping
UV Dynamics 8.40 UV Lamp #400152 Free Shipping

UV Dynamics 485 UV Lamp #400269

  • Installs in minutes without any tools for easy DIY
  • Comes with replacement 0-ring to maintain water tight
  • Easy to connect 4 Pin lamp
  • Low 40 Watts power consumption
  • Lamp has 9000 hours or one year of continuous use life
  • Clean or replace quartz sleeve for maximum performance
  • Made in Canada by UV Dynamicc
  • Measures 16 1/4″

Product Code UVS 400269

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The UV Dynamics 400269 UV Lamp is a replacement lamp for the UV Dynamics UVD485, and UVD485E

And other UV Systems. Annual lamp replacement ensures optimal disinfection performance and will extend the service life of your Ultraviolet Disinfection System Controller.

UV Dynamics designs and manufactures Ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection systems for your family. UV water disinfection is a proven, affordable, environmentally friendly technology that can help you to ensure the safety of your water supply.

Extreme weather, spring snow melts and run-off from agriculture activities are all affecting the safety of private water sources. Even municipal water can no longer be assumed to be safe with boil water advisories becoming more frequent in many communities. Compared to chemical disinfection, UV water disinfection can never overdose, has no effect on taste and odour, and no carcinogenic disinfection by-products are produced with UV water disinfection. UV water disinfection is considered effective against cryptosporidium and giardia pathogens which are almost completely resistant to chlorine. UV water disinfection systems have low operating costs and no tools are required for maintenance or lamp replacement.  Check out our YouTube video above for replacement advice.

All our UV models incorporate both audio and visual lamp failure indicators along with an annual lamp change reminder timer. Many models also incorporate an isolated low voltage solenoid drive circuit for an optional water shut-off solenoid valve.

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