UV Dynamics 8.40 UV Replacement Quartz Sleeve  #400151

UV Dynamics Quartz UV Sleeve #400273 for UV System

UV Dynamics ultraviolet quartz sleeve should be cleaned and inspected on a yearly bases, usually when the UV lamp is replaced. Organic and inorganic deposits absorb UV light and decrease the intensity of UV light penetration into the water or wastewater. This fouling decreases the UV dose resulting in reduced disinfection performance.  If the sleeve cannot be cleaned 100%, it needs to be replaced.  It is recommended to have a spare UV sleeve available.

Features & Specifications:

  • Fits Models – UVD485,  UVD485E
  • Easy do it yourself replacment
  • Comes with replacement 0-rings
  • Made in Canada
  • Measures 17″ in length

Product Number UVS 400273

Download brochure here

Download manual Here

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