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Viqua E4 Ultraviolet System Lamp Replacement and Annual Service

Viqua E4 650682

In a Viqua E4 the UV lamp typically needs to be replaced after one year of use and it’s the perfect time to change the pre filters and clean the UV quartz sleeve to maintain performance.

1. Shut off all faucets and close water supply. Push the pressure button to release the water pressure from inside the cartridges.

2. Disconnect the power source and allow the lamp to cool for 10 minutes.

3. Release the lamp connector by pulling the tabs out and then upwards.

4. Hold the sleeve bolt with one hand and turn the lamp counter clockwise while pulling the lamp up and out.

5. Unscrew the sleeve bolt and remove it from the top of the chamber. Note: Sleeve may be attached to sleeve bolt. Hold sleeve with one hand while removing the sleeve bolt.

6. Carefully clean the quartz sleeve with a cloth soaked in CLR, vinegar or some other mild acid and then rinse with water. Note: If sleeve cannot be cleaned completely or is scratched or cracked, replace the sleeve.

7. Place the O-ring on the sleeve and insert the sleeve into the chamber. be sure that the quartz sleeve is properly centered in the chamber.

8. Next, place the sleeve bolt onto the quartz sleeve, carefully push down and hand tighten onto chamber.

9. Insert the new lamp into the quartz sleeve and screw into the sleeve bolt until hard stop.

10. Align the connection pins with the lamp connector by rotating the ring clamp. Push the lamp connector down onto the lamp pins and the ring clamp pins until you hear an audible click. Be sure the connector is engaged on both sides.

11. Plug the unit back in.  Press and hold lamp timer reset button for 5 seconds. Once reset, display should read 365.

12. Remove both filter housing(s) using the sump wrench.

13. Remove and discard the old filter cartridge(s), replace with new cartridge(s).

14. Reinstall the housing(s).

15. Open a faucet downstream of the Ultraviolet Disinfection system and turn on the water supply. Close the downstream faucet. Press the pressure button to purge air.