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viqua ihs12-d4

Viqua IHS12 D4 Minirack Ultraviolet System REVIEW

Reviewing the Viqua/Sterilight IHS12-D4 as shown here but this also applies to the IHS22-E4 and the IHS22-D4 model Viqua Ultraviolet Disinfection systems. So how do these Viqua Minirack Ultraviolet Disinfection systems compare?  Check out below!

Performance – 10/10 A consistent and proven bacteria kill for both lake and well water. Viqua UV’s are NSF and WQA certified to ensure consistent performance for you.

Capacity – 10/10 The capacity in this case is the UV’s ability to kill bacteria which is limited by the flow rate. Since these models cover up to 25 gpm you just invest in the one whose maximum flow rate is higher than your well or lake pumps’ flow rate.

Cost to Operate – 9/10 Low 50 Watt power consumption to operate. These replacement lamps and large High Flow filters, although readily available at a variety of sources, are at the higher end of the price scale for this size UV.

Ease of Installation/use – 9/10 Viqua’s relatively small chamber size and because they come fully assembled which makes them very easy to install for DIY. They come with an installation kit as well as easy to follow directions. Like all minirack systems they cannot be installed with the UV chamber configured horizontally so you do need an extra 20” of space above the unit for lamp changes.  One big drawback with these is that they are not reversible based on water flow direction.

Features – 10/10 – These Ultraviolet Disinfection systems have a countdown timer showing the lamp life in days remaining, which is very useful especially for cottage applications, they are straight forward and easy to understand.

Parts Availability – 9/10 Parts are readily available from the manufacturer through any number of distributors, inlcuding us. Since this is a non proprietary product parts are readily available from any water treatment dealer or on line.

Longevity – 8/10 The ballasts in these UV’s have been somewhat problematic, occasionally lasting only a few years before requiring replacement.

Reliability and Build Quality – 8/10 Due to the number of ballasts having a short life span, customers have been disappointed with them suddenly quitting.

Initial Investment – 8/10 These Viqua minirack UV’s are a premium item and are priced accordingly. The replacement filters and lamps are on the expensive side. The difference in investment between these 3 models is substantial so be sure to check your flow rate before choosing the best model for your family. They do come with the UV lamp, sleeve and all filters already in the box.

Styling/Aesthetics – 10/10 These Viqua Ultraviolet Disinfection systems are very well built and look great.

Gary the Water Guy Overall Score 90/100 Pros: Low initial investment, very accessible replacement parts, easy DIY install Cons: Some past longevity and reliability issues, high initial and on going consumable cost investments.

So what’s the Verdict? I rate these as a good choice for any family that needs a full featured Ultraviolet system that is easy to install and has the space available.