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Viqua Ultraviolet Interactive LCD Controller Setup and Use

Viqua has introduced their new Interactive LCD Controller on their premium UV systems like the Viqua IHS22-E4  In this post I’m going to share it’s setup and use with you. this controller is available as an option on the D4 series but comes standard on E4, F4 and IHS22-E4 Minirack Ultraviolet Disinfection systems. The same series and models with sensors also display UV intensity on this controller. Why should you be interested? If you are interested in the latest technology you’ll love this system and all of these great features:

1. Dealer-programmable support screen: load company logo and your dealers complete contact information so when it’s time to get filters and the replacement UV lamp you are all set.

2. Intuitive, user-friendly menu

3. Multi-language support: English, French, Spanish

4. Soft-touch keys so it’s easy to use.

5. Quick-reference instructions on board for system troubleshooting

6. Easily find the replacement parts by using the onboard replacement parts menu Follow the prompts when you plug it in.

That’s right, it will give you the correct model numbers when it’s time to replace the lamp and filters.

Check it out in the YouTube video of mine!

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