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Which Excelight UV Lamp Fits My Ultraviolet System?

Have you ever wondered which Replacement UV Lamp you would need for your Excelight Ultraviolet System?

Excelight UV systems do not come labelled with a model number and sometimes you can’t even tell they’re actually an Excelight system until you look at the controller. The installer is supposed to add the Excelight brand sticker when the UV is installed but often that doesn’t happen so when it comes time to replace the lamp and sleeve it’s difficult to know which one you need.

I should mention too that Purifiner, Water Depot and Triplex UV systems also use the same UV lamps, sleeve and controller as the Excelight units, in fact they are the exact same systems, so you can use this same info to find replacements for those systems too. The Chart below shows the length of the lamp, sleeve and Stainless Steel housing so you can measure yours to determine the right one for your system:

Product Code                Lamp           Sleeve              Product Code

EL411L                            17 ¾”            21”                    EL411Q

EL720L                         25 3/8”         26 3/16”            EL720Q

EL1129L                        33 ¼”           35 1/16”             EL1129Q

Measure yours and when you come into our store you can pick up the replacement with confidence that you’ve got the right one!  All measurements are approximate.