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Which Replacement Viqua or Trojan UV Max Controller Do I Need?

After only a few up to 15 years or so you’ll find that the controller or ballast from your Trojan or Viqua UV Max UV system will start beeping or it stops powering the UV light altogether. This means that the UV system is now unable to kill bacteria in your water and protect your family.

Electrically there are only 2 components to these systems, so either the UV lamp or the Controller is not working. If you get constant beeping, first replace the UV lamp, reset the timer if available on your model, and power it back up to see if the beeping continues. If the beeping is gone, the lamp was the problem and you’re all set. If the beeping continues, the problem lies with the controller and it needs to be replaced.

Occasionally, the ballast will stop working and there will be no warning whatsoever from the controller. There are a few ways you can check to see if your UV lamp is working or not. When, after several hours of no water usage in your home, you grab the stainless steel housing and find that it’s warm or even hot from the light heating up the water inside. You’ll even notice this same warm water indication when you run the cold water again after several hours of no water usage in your home. The other way to tell is to unplug the unit and immediately remove the cap and the lamp to see if the lamp is hot. If it was working the lamp will definitely be hot! Once you’ve established that you need a new controller, you need to make sure you order the correct one. You’ll need to know which model you have.  To determine which model is yours, if you have a black controller the model number will be at the end, if you have a blue controller you’ll need to remove it from the wall and check the back to find the model number.

Viqua Sterilight ballasts have the model number on the front so you can easily determine the correct replacement.  We carry them all in our store, check it out today or call 705 527-5900.